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will be able to fly out of the country and evade justice for his crimes. steve harrigan streaming live yet again tonight in tripoli. steve, what's the mood there tonight? >> shepard besides the obvious and loud one of jubilation the one emotion you can senses specially among the young rebel fighters some of them very young in their teens is pride. i saw one young rebel fighter walking in a t-shirt holding -- slowly stepping with his shoulders back. these young rebels, some of them have been fighting against qaddafi for the past six months. even though they got a great deal of help from nato warplanes which really paved the way, they feel and there are thousands of them that they just won a war that they just defeated dictator. amateur army they just defeated a professional army and liberated their country there is a great sense of pride among the men who took part in this fight and it's really their moment to celebrate which they have been doing all day and now into the night, shepard. >> shepard: what's their priority now, steve? finding qaddafi or seem more focused on wiping out his supp
before the liberation of libya is complete. our steve harrigan streaming live again tonight from tripoli. what are you seeing there tonight, steve. >> shepard, we are seeing a lot of gunfire, a lot of tracer fire. six months ago it was qaddafi forces firing those antiaircraft guns at nato airplanes. this time around, six months later, it is rebels. they are firing up into the air in celebration. probably those same guns. it is a little unusual though to see so much celebration in a city where there are still pockets of fighting and killing going on, shepard. >> shepard: everybody seems to be talking about qaddafi's whereabouts. but it never turns out to be true. >> a lot of rumors, some people say, is here in tripoli. ever -- other people speculate hometown of sirte. qaddafi had not been taken. he is determined to keep on fighting. his very presence out there really gives heart and support to those who want to resist this new government, shepard. >> shepard: steve harrigan live in early friday morning in tripoli. a major hurricane is on its way to the east coast. we're expecting an updat
tasting freedom some for the first time in their lives. steve harrigan streaming live from tripoli. steve, this fight is not over. there sal sound makes -- the sound it makes when it's being used to try to kill someone. we have been hearing both those sounds throughout the night as there has been pockets of at the same time the rebels celebrate that historic victory today. as far as official battles between the two sides, there is one going on right now around the international airport in tripoli. there is a likely battle too shaping up around the city sirte. qualify's hometown. two kinds of people. people who prophetted from the qaddafi regime and families who had members killed or tortured by that same regime. keeping them apart is going to be the real challenge. right now there is no referee, shepard. >> new clues as to where qaddafi may be, steve? troops heading toward hometown. capturing him, putting him on trial is what the rebels want to do. that is certainly their goal. another goal is to try to avoid what happened in iraq some years ago similar type pictures we have seen today. d
did landed. a live report from the pentagon coming up inside fox report. steve harrigan streaming live outside tripoli. spent 12 hours in a rebel convoy along the way, what did you learn? >> that's right right now about 50 miles south of the capital. a city without electricity. regular burst of small arms fire. traveling are the rebels we learned there is a real dire shortage of gasoline inside libyan capital. both sides needing that gasoline. sometimes the price reaching $50 a gallon. right now we are with rebels who are trying to bring gasoline into their fighters. this is the second thing that we learned. these rebels are targeting fighters within their own neighborhood. they want to make sure the gasoline reaches their own fighters. certainly understandable but we have heard about this division in the opposition before. this is another example of that targeting the gasoline to one specific neighborhood. perhaps understandable but it's a tough way to win a war, shepard. >> shepard: we have heard a lot from inside tripoli, very little from your position there give us an idea how stro
other things that apparently i can't say during the family hour. steve harrigan with the news live in south florida. what is going to be the immediate impact of this on um football? >> as far as today goes the entire hurricane team was out there in coral gables in pads practicing. some real question marks who is going to be eligible to take first game september 5th. of the 72 players named in the scandal, 12 are still on the current roster. 10 of those 12 starters included a quarterback. who is going to take the field as a question mark. questions too about the recruiting class 20 people have given oral commitments. will they hold those or go. questions about the coach. in his first year. he says he wasn't told about this scandal before he was hired. will he stay or go? questions going to the president of the university donna shalala. a lot of shoes could drop depending how serious the penalties is. >> shepard: wonder what the board is going to do when you look at long-term damage to the program and the university. >> that's right. it really depends on the penalty because these tra
march. steve harrigan with the news streaming live in tripoli. any new details on the qaddafis? >> shepard, the qaddafi clan is spreading out. at least several members of the immediate family have crossed over the border into algeria in armored mercedes-benzes. his wife, his daughter, at least two sons, as many as 30 family members in all, some rumors about one son thomas who rebels say has been killed in the fighting here. and as for muammar qaddafi himself, despite help from nato's surveillance, no public word on his whereabouts yet, shepard. >> shepard: i've asked you this before but i wonder if that's now the biggest challenge and the biggest priority for libya's new government, catching qaddafi. >> certainly it is a focus of this new government to catch him, to put an end to the resistance and really an end point to this war but they have their hands full as well with some major problems trying to govern. half of this country right now does not have water running or otherwise. so it's becoming a real sanitation health problem here inside the city of $2 million. security,
they are preparing for the possibility of more destruction. steve harrigan streaming live port-au-prince, haiti tonight with more on this storm. steve? >> shepard, the clouds are beginning to roll in here and this country is on red alert. whether emily turns out to be a tropical storm or a hurricane really doesn't matter so much. what they are worried about here in haiti is the rain. if they do get that torrential rainfall anywhere from 12 to 20 inches of rain it could prove to be very deadly. back in june heavy rains killed 20. these rains could be much worse. haiti is particularly vulnerable for a couple of reasons. for one thing, 600,000 people are basically living on the ground in tents as a result of last year's hurricane. another reason the country has almost all of its trees been cut down and a lot of the sewage and drainage is blocked one garbage. also, cholera has spread an outbreak here and of course that is a water born disease. a lot of factors make haiti particularly vulnerable for this storm. as far as the president goes, the newly elected sweet mickey, a one time pop singer. has
with the investigation all along. our correspondent steve harrigan working this from south florida tonight. where does the search for robyn gardner stand now? >> shepard, the focus of the search after two weeks missing is really on a small southern tip of the island of aruba. they are really trying to work within a gap of about two hours between when gardner was last seen at a dive shop with her companion and when she was reported missing. they are trying to figure out how far that body could have gone. they have already used planes, helicopters, divers, coast guards, and a shore search. so far that's turned up nothing. a search of the rental car has also turned up nothing. the next step, a major push towards the end of this week. they are going to use police, perhaps military, as well as fbi agents to try to turn up something. there are reports that there was blood on the rocks in the area where they did go snorkeling. but so far aruban officials neither confirming or denying whether that's accurate. shepard? >> shepard: what more are you learning about this suspect. >> he has a lengthy court record.
to safety. shepard, back to you. >> shepard: steve harrigan live, port-au-prince tonight. the rise of freedom now. our cameras have been following the rebuilding at the world trade center site for many months. nearly 10 years after the deadly attacks, the question still comes up again and again. where were you on 9/11? for those who actually smelled the smoke and saw the flames in person, that question is particularly poignant. ♪ ♪ >> survivors running for their lives after the attack on the twin towers. >> take your -- get out of here alive. let's go. >> shepard: thousands taking refuge in the battery, a park on the tip of manhattan overlooking the statue of liberty. today, that same park, home to a public art project that pays tribute to everyone who lived to tell about that day. >> i tried to create a configuration that had the absence of the towers. it's kind of like the gos of the towers here. >> artist creating a mural of hand drawn cards. each one telling a different story. my wife missed it by 15 minutes. all we could see was flames. 10 years and my tears are still fall
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)

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